luigi.configuration module

luigi.configuration provides some convenience wrappers around Python’s ConfigParser to get configuration options from config files.

The default location for configuration files is luigi.cfg (or client.cfg) in the current working directory, then /etc/luigi/client.cfg.

Configuration has largely been superseded by parameters since they can do essentially everything configuration can do, plus a tighter integration with the rest of Luigi.

See Configuration for more info.

class luigi.configuration.LuigiConfigParser(defaults=None, dict_type=<class 'collections.OrderedDict'>, allow_no_value=False)[source]

Bases: ConfigParser.ConfigParser

NO_DEFAULT = <object object>
classmethod add_config_path(path)[source]
classmethod instance(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Singleton getter

classmethod reload()[source]
get(section, option, default=<object object>, **kwargs)[source]
getboolean(section, option, default=<object object>)[source]
getint(section, option, default=<object object>)[source]
getfloat(section, option, default=<object object>)[source]
set(section, option, value=None)[source]

Convenience method (for backwards compatibility) for accessing config singleton.