Configure logging

Config options:

Some config options for config [core] section

The default log level to use when no logging_conf_file is set. Must be a valid name of a Python log level. Default is DEBUG.
Location of the logging configuration file.
If true, logging is not configured. Defaults to false.

Config section

If you’re use TOML for configuration file, you can configure logging via logging section in this file. See example for more details.

Luigid CLI options:

Run daemon in background mode. Disable logging setup and set up log level to INFO for root logger.
set logging with INFO level and output in $logdir/luigi-server.log file

Worker CLI options:

Configuration file for logging.
Default log level. Available values: NOTSET, DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL. Default DEBUG. See Python documentation For information about levels difference.

Configuration options resolution order:

  1. no_configure_logging option
  2. --background
  3. --logdir
  4. --logging-conf-file
  5. logging_conf_file option
  6. logging section
  7. --log-level
  8. log_level option