Source code for luigi.contrib.gcp

Common code for GCP (google cloud services) integration
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger('luigi-interface')

    import httplib2
    import google.auth
except ImportError:
    logger.warning("Loading GCP module without the python packages httplib2, google-auth. \
        This *could* crash at runtime if no other credentials are provided.")

[docs]def get_authenticate_kwargs(oauth_credentials=None, http_=None): """Returns a dictionary with keyword arguments for use with discovery Prioritizes oauth_credentials or a http client provided by the user If none provided, falls back to default credentials provided by google's command line utilities. If that also fails, tries using httplib2.Http() Used by `gcs.GCSClient` and `bigquery.BigQueryClient` to initiate the API Client """ if oauth_credentials: authenticate_kwargs = { "credentials": oauth_credentials } elif http_: authenticate_kwargs = { "http": http_ } else: # neither http_ or credentials provided try: # try default credentials credentials, _ = google.auth.default() authenticate_kwargs = { "credentials": credentials } except google.auth.exceptions.DefaultCredentialsError: # try http using httplib2 authenticate_kwargs = { "http": httplib2.Http() } return authenticate_kwargs