luigi.batch_notifier module

Library for sending batch notifications from the Luigi scheduler. This module is internal to Luigi and not designed for use in other contexts.

class luigi.batch_notifier.batch_email(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Config

email_interval = IntParameter (defaults to 60): Number of minutes between e-mail sends (default: 60)
batch_mode = ChoiceParameter (defaults to unbatched_params): Method used for batching failures in e-mail. If "family" all failures for tasks with the same family will be batched. If "unbatched_params", all failures for tasks with the same family and non-batched parameters will be batched. If "all", tasks will only be batched if they have identical names. Choices: {unbatched_params, all, family}
error_lines = IntParameter (defaults to 20): Number of lines to show from each error message. 0 means show all
error_messages = IntParameter (defaults to 1): Number of error messages to show for each group
group_by_error_messages = BoolParameter (defaults to True): Group items with the same error messages together
class luigi.batch_notifier.ExplQueue(num_items)[source]

Bases: OrderedDict

class luigi.batch_notifier.BatchNotifier(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

add_failure(task_name, family, unbatched_args, expl, owners)[source]
add_disable(task_name, family, unbatched_args, owners)[source]
add_scheduling_fail(task_name, family, unbatched_args, expl, owners)[source]