luigi.event module

Definitions needed for events. See Events and callbacks for info on how to use it.

class luigi.event.Event[source]

Bases: object

DEPENDENCY_DISCOVERED = 'event.core.dependency.discovered'
DEPENDENCY_MISSING = 'event.core.dependency.missing'
DEPENDENCY_PRESENT = 'event.core.dependency.present'
BROKEN_TASK = 'event.core.task.broken'
START = 'event.core.start'
PROGRESS = 'event.core.progress'

This event can be fired by the task itself while running. The purpose is for the task to report progress, metadata or any generic info so that event handler listening for this can keep track of the progress of running task.

FAILURE = 'event.core.failure'
SUCCESS = 'event.core.success'
PROCESSING_TIME = 'event.core.processing_time'
TIMEOUT = 'event.core.timeout'
PROCESS_FAILURE = 'event.core.process_failure'