luigi.retcodes module

Module containing the logic for exit codes for the luigi binary. It’s useful when you in a programmatic way need to know if luigi actually finished the given task, and if not why.

class luigi.retcodes.retcode(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: luigi.task.Config

See the return codes configuration section.

unhandled_exception = IntParameter (defaults to 4): For internal luigi errors.
missing_data = IntParameter (defaults to 0): For when there are incomplete ExternalTask dependencies.
task_failed = IntParameter (defaults to 0): For when a task's run() method fails.
already_running = IntParameter (defaults to 0): For both local --lock and luigid "lock"
scheduling_error = IntParameter (defaults to 0): For when a task's complete() or requires() fails, or task-limit reached
not_run = IntParameter (defaults to 0): For when a task is not granted run permission by the scheduler.

Run luigi with command line parsing, but raise SystemExit with the configured exit code.

Note: Usually you use the luigi binary directly and don’t call this function yourself.

Parameters:argv – Should (conceptually) be sys.argv[1:]