luigi.contrib.datadog_metric module

class luigi.contrib.datadog_metric.datadog(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Config

api_key = Parameter (defaults to dummy_api_key): API key provided by Datadog
app_key = Parameter (defaults to dummy_app_key): APP key provided by Datadog
default_tags = Parameter (defaults to application:luigi): Default tags for every events and metrics sent to Datadog
environment = Parameter (defaults to development): Environment of which the pipeline is ran from (eg: 'production', 'staging', ...
metric_namespace = Parameter (defaults to luigi): Default namespace for events and metrics (eg: 'luigi' for 'luigi.task.started')
statsd_host = Parameter (defaults to localhost): StatsD host implementing the Datadog service
statsd_port = IntParameter (defaults to 8125): StatsD port implementing the Datadog service
class luigi.contrib.datadog_metric.DatadogMetricsCollector(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: MetricsCollector

handle_task_disabled(task, config)[source]
property default_tags